Charcoal is our oldest, most primitive medium. So simple, yet capable of such depths of expression. 

Unless otherwise stated, all work is charcoal on 300-400gsm paper.

"Reeds and Grasses"

Avena fatua, end of winter (Portugal, 2023)

Avena fatua, spring (2023)

The drawings in this series were inspired by an interest in daoism. Daoists celebrate the wisdom of nature, the ancient cycles of growth and birth and death that transcend the human experience of time. 

Avena fatua, summer (2023)

Tay Reeds, end of winter (2023)


Tay reeds, spring (2023)

"Vigil" series

Work on this theme was exhibited in Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh, during the month of April 2023. The show opened on the evening of the Easter Vigil. 

Light in the darkness, 90cmx150cm

Anastasis, 150cmx280cm

With its ability to withstand the cold and darkness, the Chrysanthemum is seen as a symbol of life in the face of death.

Vigil series (1.8x1.5m)

The Vigil of the Three Marys (6mx3m, 2023), Installation view, Patriothall Gallery Edinburgh.

"Prayer and Visions"

"Rhineland Vision" (ink, charcoal, gesso on board, 2.4m x 2m)

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