Charcoal is our oldest, most primitive medium. So simple, yet capable of such depths of expression. 

Unless otherwise stated, all work is charcoal on 300-400gsm paper.


drawings inspired by Daoist poetry


When the spring winds blow,

Again they rise! 

(Bai Juyi)

Daoism is the philosophy of Dao, the eternal Way of nature. Daoists encourage a deep respect for the natural world and its cycles of growth and destruction. An ‘immortal’ is someone who lives in harmony with the Way, whether a sage, or a blade of grass. Many of the poets referenced in this exhibition are themselves on the ‘list of the immortals’.


Dao is like a well,

An infinite void. 




Return to the root,

the state of stillness. 



Darkness within darkness,

The gateway to all understanding. 


泣露千般草, 吟風一樣松。

此時迷徑處, 形問影何從。

Grasses weep with dew,

Pines sigh in the wind.

This is where the path disappears,

And you ask yourshadow the way. 

(Han Shan)

Avena fatua, end of winter (Portugal, 2023)

Avena fatua, spring (2023)

"Vigil" series

An exhibition in Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh, during the month of April 2023. 

The show opened on the evening of the Easter Vigil. 

Φῶς Ἱλαρόν (“Phos Hilaron”)


With its ability to withstand the cold and darkness, the Chrysanthemum is seen as a symbol of life in the face of death.

Vigil series (1.8x1.5m)

The Vigil of the Three Marys (6mx3m, 2023), Installation view, Patriothall Gallery Edinburgh.


"Rhineland Vision" (ink, charcoal, gesso on board, 2.4m x 2m)

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